Let’s Get Physical

Whilst deciding I’m going to become a master at Zumba I’ve also made the decision that I need to get my bum down to the gym if I’m going to work off all these lovely afternoon tea’s I’m so fond of. My gym of choice is ‘Total Fitness’ sadly at the moment my physique would be more accurately described as ‘Total Flabness’……it’s time to turn the flab into fab! – Did I just really say that? –

The thing about healthy eating/fitness is I know EXACTLY what to do to lose weight, eat less and exercise more, simple! The only glaring problem here is that although I can talk the talk, – I could quite easily reel off how many Weightwatchers points are in a curly wurly – 2.5 – if you’re interested, or give you a beginner’s guide to the Atkins diet, meat, mayo, meat, cheese, meat, double cream and you guessed it more meat, I am quite simply brilliant at not losing weight! The problems I have highlighted for my lack of success are…..

1. Declaring I hate the gym/don’t have time for it/the exercise bike hurts my bum/I’m not a not a natural runner, the stepper hurts my legs etc, etc, etc.

2. Loving wine and then loving eating calorific treats once under the influence of said wine.

3. I secretly deep down for a long time haven’t truly believed I can do it.

Lance Armstrong has nothing on me!

When reflecting on these reason I realise how pathetic they actually are, especially reason 3. I am addicted to watching programmes like the Biggest Loser, glued to every minute of the amazing journey each successful contestant makes, screeching at the telly ‘OMG 34lbs in a week!’ whilst watching the amazing weight-in sessions, vowing if they can do it I can do it, then I go away and do….well, nothing. I have to question myself as to why this is the case, I HATE having to get my flabby bits out on holiday, resent having to search desperately for ‘flattering’ outfits that will cover my wobbly muffin top and jiggjly bingo wings and have often been reduced to a blubbering mess after trying everything on in my wardrobe and declaring, ‘Nothing fits!’ So why then do I continue to eat the things I shouldn’t, snub exercise and allow the cycle of unhappiness and unhealthiness to continue? The honest truth is……..I really don’t know. But, I’ve come to a point where I realise ‘I don’t know’ isn’t good enough, if I asked anybody why they do a certain thing that makes them unhappy and their response was ‘I don’t know’ I’m not entirely sure I’d buy into it. Surely everything is done for a reason, good or bad? I relaise in need to find my reasons and make sure those reasons mean enough to spur me into action, and make sure those actions evolve into long term changes. It may sound a bit ‘self help guru’ but I need to stop listening to my inner critic, why shouldn’t I be one of the successful ones?

I can't hear you!


About Nikki

Self confessed tea and cake addict, wine buff (if whatever is on offer at Tesco qualifies me) theatre reviewer and of course photography lover!
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6 Responses to Let’s Get Physical

  1. Claire McManus says:

    I totally agree with everything you’ve said Nikki. My main fault is somehow finding other things to do instead of getting my larger behind down to the gym.

    Well, got my induction on Tues pm, so then I’ve got no excuse. Going to get my rowing arms on and do some Crossfit stylie workouts. Got to get some lard off before it drives me insane. (Too many cakes to make at night, rather than gym it!!!)

    Loving the blog spot too chick.

    • I think we’re all guilty of that, I certainly am! Great news on joining the gym, you’ll have buns of steel before you know it……and hopefully I’ll not be far behind you!x

  2. Nikki, you’ve literally just spoken my mind! I’m the same – I can do it but I just can’t be bothered. I have zero enthusiasm for the gym and my love of food currently outweighs my desperation to be thin – hence, stalemate!

    I love reading your blog. I hope it gives me the insiration to stop filling my face and be more active but active on my terms. Not forced exercise that I can’t stand. An enjoyable stroll or the occasional zumba class an attitude towards food and exercise that I can actually maintain – that’s what I need Xx

    • That sounds like the way forward to me! Am off to
      Zumba tonight after 2 weeks away due to Bank hols and weddings, it’s gonna kill me but I know I’ll be dead chuffed with myself once I’ve been. Gonna watch Embarrassing Bodies tonight too, it’s all about being overweight and the health related problems this may bring, a definate source of inspiration! So glad you’re enjoying the blog, you played a big part it me pulling my finger out and getting stuck in!xx

  3. cat edwards says:

    Your blog amused me as I received a months free membership at an exclusive gym for May and full of ambition I knew I would go swimming every single day .. I went twice … in a month !!

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