Now, what have I missed?

“I’ll write a new blog post tomorrow” has somehow turned into days, then weeks then months until I find myself here in February 2012 with my last post still residing somewhere around  early September 2011. So, I hear you cry has anything happened during my disappearing act? Well, yes would be the answer, and more importantly it’s very happy news, I’m engaged!

The question was popped in spectacular style by John at a wonderful restaurant in Warrington www.grillonthesquare where we were dining with a group of friends enjoying a long overdue catch up. I thought nothing strange when my parents showed up at the end of the meal as it was my birthday a week later and they’ve popped in at the end of an event on a few occasions. What happened next however was totally unexpected, the ching of a knife being tapped on a wine glass silenced our group and next thing I knew John told me he had something to say, he then dropped to one knee and produced a beautiful ribbon wrapped jewellery box which contained ‘The Ring! Aaaaaahhhhh!

Popping the question!

The next few minutes are a bit of a blur, there were cheers, gasps and even a few tears particularly from my parents, whom I later found out John had asked for permission and also invited to join us. It was a wonderful way to get engaged, I had no clue it was going to happen that night and to be in the company of so many of my closest family and friends was well and truly perfect. John had displayed no signs of nerves at all throughout the meal, he was as cool as a cucumber, I never for a second suspected a thing! I’m well and truly delighted to be engaged, it’s something I’ve looked forward to and am excited for the day I become Mrs Hull.

Now……..let the planning begin!


About Nikki

Self confessed tea and cake addict, wine buff (if whatever is on offer at Tesco qualifies me) theatre reviewer and of course photography lover!
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4 Responses to Now, what have I missed?

  1. NinaBnice says:

    AHHHH!!! How lovely!! Congratulations!! I got a little teary reading that how wonderful! & we’ve been to the Grill, it’s very good indeed!! :o)

  2. Richard says:

    It was a wonderful moment and an honour to be included in such a magical thing. you have written a lovely account.

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